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    點擊這里給我發消息 點擊這里給我發消息

    2017 China International Exposition on TCM Health & Summit Forum -- Notice


    Dear every experts and colleagues,

    Organized by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, 2017 China International Exposition on TCM Health & Summit Forum(TCMIEC) is the most influential TCM health industry exposition and a great academic event with large scale, extensive participation and high level in global TCM field. Since 2014, TCMIEC has been successfully held for three sessions. With the tenet of “Inheritance, Promotion, Innovation, Benefiting the mankind ”, TCMIEC fully drives the positive development of global TCM course and holistic health industry, is an indicator and brand commanding height of traditional Chinese medicine industry dedicating to build a platform for the national and international whole industry chain communication of traditional Chinese medicine health service.

    This year TCMIEC will invite relevant TCM specialists, scholars and entrepreneurs to discuss about the TCM theoretical research, scientific payoffs and new technique, new therapy to focus on holistic health industry development. At the same time there will be International Forum on TCM Health, Global Traditional Medicine Professional Skills Forum, Annual meetings of Working Committee of Investment Research of WFCMS and other specialty committees, and Services Trade Docking Sessions.


           Hereby notify the related matters as follows

    I Summary of the summit forum

    Time: Nov. 16-19, 2017

    Venue: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

    Theme: Helping “Belt and Road”, Serving for Human Health


           II  Organizer

    Approval unit: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China 商服貿批【2017582

    Guiding unit: State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China  

                      People’s Government of Guangdong Province

     Organizer: World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies  

            Joint Organizer: China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

                                   China Medical Association of Minorities

                                   China Association of Health-Protection Food

                                   Department of Health of Guangdong Province

                                    Hunan Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine      

               Undertaker: Guangdong Zunsheng TCM Investment Management LTD.   

               Support unit: Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

                                   Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

               Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

                                    Chengdu University of TCM

                                    Hunan University of Chinese Medicine

                                    Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

                                    Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

                                     Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

                                     Guangzhou Medical University


            III Main topics of summit forum, content of solicit articles 

    1. Discussion on the teaching method of TCM inheritance education

    2. The future trend of TCM health

    3. TCM and high-tech

    4. TCM culture inheritance and promotion

    5. New thinking on TCM hospitals brand construction

    6. Internet+ and TCM health

    7. TCM and health care tourism

    8. Topics on TCM health investment and financing

    9. Topics on global medicine development and inheritance

    This year summit forum will collect the related unpublished academic, teaching and research papers of attendees and select the outstanding papers to award certificate and recommend to relevant learned periodicals in China such as World Chinese Medicine, TCM Valley.


           IV Solicit articles requirements

    1. Closing date: Oct. 20,2017.

    2. Online submission: Please sent email to tcmiec@zsgdc.com      

    3. Content: The data of articles should be reliable and the content should be substantial. The writer is responsible for the consequences of this article.

    4. The article should be in Microsoft Word document format. The number of words of full text(references included) is  within 5,000. The number of words of abstract is within 200 and 3-5 key words should be listed.

    5. References: All the 3 writers should be listed. If there are more than 3 writers, the first 3 should be listed and add suffix “etc.”.The references should be mainly published within 5 years in China and abroad and every reference should list the page number.

    6. Deliver a speech on forum: Once the paper is selected to be present on forum, the writer should provide the PowerPoint (PPT) file within 20 pages and each page in Chinese-English before Nov. 1, 2017. 20 minutes(5-min question time included)speaking time for each speaker.  If does not meet the above requirements, the speech may not be allowed.


          V Attendees

    State, provincial and local government officials, specialists, scholars and entrepreneurs leaders of medical treatment, education, scientific research, management, production and trade in TCM, traditional medicine, combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine, health industry and relevant fields, members of WFCMS and members of every specialty committees.


          VI Agenda( tentative)




    Nov. 15, 2017


    Sigh in/Hotel check in


    Press conference/Guests interviews

    Welcoming cocktail party & TCM culture theme performance

    Morning of Nov. 16, 2017

    Opening ceremony+ keynote report


    Leaders, scholars and specialists visit the exhibition

    International Forum on TCM Health

    Afternoon of Nov. 16, 2017

    TCM University President Forum

    Global traditional medicine discussion

    Chinese TCM Hospital President Forum

    TCM hospital innovation and TCM service innovation model

    Annual meeting of Working Committee of Investment Research of WFCMS & project road show


    Annual meeting of Diagnosis and Treatment Specialty Committee of WFCMS


    TCM Development of Silk Road Economic Cites Forum

    Overseas TCM development policy interpretion

    Morning of Nov. 17, 2017

    Southern Guangdong TCM Development Foorum


    Services Trade Docking Session


    Services Trade Docking Session


    Services Trade Docking Session


    Services Trade Docking Session



        VII Charges


    Before 2017/9/30


    After 2017/10/31 and on-site

    Registration Fee(CNY)




    *The registration is subject to the payment time.


    Registration fee includes

    1. Forum handbook, representative card, collected papers. Holding the representative card can attend summit forum and visit exhibition for free;

    2. The banquet on Nov. 15, 2017, lunch and supper on Nov. 16, 2017 and lunch on Nov. 17, 2017;

    Registration fee excludestransportation, accommodation and hotel expenses, optional inspection etc.

    Booth charges includes: 3*3M standard booth charges CNY12,800(registration fee for 2 people included), one display cabinet, one aluminium alloy reception desk, one aluminium alloy square desk, four black leather chairs, one 200v power socket, 2 sides/3 sides coaming, lighting, fascia board design.

    3.Registration and payment

    Please fill in theAttendee Receiptand send via email to tcmiec@zsgdc.com;

    Payment Method: WeChat Pay, online transaction, on-site payment.

    (1) WeChat Pay: Organization Committee will provide the QR code. Please identify the payee【中國國際中醫藥大健康博覽會暨高峰論壇】.

    (2) Online transaction

    Account Name:世界中醫藥學會聯合會

    Account No.: 110060971018002604480084

    Bank Name: 交通銀行北京育惠東路支行


    Account Name: 廣州市尊圣會展服務有限公司

    Account No.:  4405 8401 0400 09137

    Bank Name:  中國農業銀行 廣州天陽支行

          (3) On-site payment: cash or POS card. The content of invoice is Registration Fee.


    Refund process: The refund will be handle after exposition within 30 working days. The refund standard is as following: refund application between Oct. 1 to Oct. 30, the registration fee will be 50% deduction after deducting financial related expenses; refund application after Nov. 1, 2017, registration fee will not be refund.

    Invoice: Please write down the correct invoice information in registration form(invoice title, invoice type, taxpayer’s registration number). Returning invoice is not acceptable if any mistake made by attendee.  


    VIII Sign in and hotels

            1.Sign in: The Westin Pazhou(No. 681 Fengpu Zhonglu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou)

     2.Exposition: Pavilion 1-4, Pazhou International Sourcing Centre, Haizhu District, Guangzhou


    IX Contact us

    Academic Department of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies:

    Pan Ping, Guan Tao, Zou Jianhua, Jiao Yundong, Liu Xiangyu, Liu Xiaoting, Chen An

    Tel: +86-10-58650372/58650042/58650043/58650424    

    Fax: +86-10-58650043

    Email: wfcmsxshb@vip.163.com  

    Add: Room 512, Building A of Caifu Jiayuan, No.19 Xiaoyinglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing


    Guangdong Zunsheng TCM Investment Management Ltd.

    Ma Lin 139 2224 8195(WeChat)         Tel+86 20 2813 3458

    Fax: +86 20 3877 8766                 Email: tcmiec@zsgdc.com

    Add: Room 3A08, Longze Commercial Building, No. 129 Longkoudonglu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou