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    點擊這里給我發消息 點擊這里給我發消息
    Previous Highlights

    Pomp Review of 2016 TCMIEC

    Pavilion area: 15000㎡

    Number of exhibitors: 400

    Number of foreign exhibitors:80

    Visitors: 40,000 person-time

    Professional visitors: 6,000 person-time(800 overseas buyers included)

    Personnel covered: 27 countries related to “One Belt and One Road”

    Contract value: over 2 billion

    Special reports at state and government websites

    Pomp Review of 2015 TCMIEC


    Pavilion area: 21300㎡

    Number of exhibitors: 189 (overseas: 40 )

    Visitors: 35,000 person-time

    Professional visitors: 3,000 person-time

    800 overseas professional visitors included

    Personnel covered: more than 30 countries in the world

    Contract Value: over 1.3 billion.

    Media Special reports