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    點擊這里給我發消息 點擊這里給我發消息
    Exhibitor Range

    2017 TEMIEC has four special exhibition zones - Chinese famous doctors zone, Holistic Health services zone,Chinese famous pharmaceuticals zone,Global traditional medicine zone. There are 18 them exhibitions covering: TCM health preservation,pension rehabilitation assistance,medical institutions, genuine medicinal materials industry,TCM extraction equipment,academic schools,contemporary famous doctors,TCM holistic health tourism industry and so on.

    Holistic Health Industry Exhibition Zone

    TCM Health Care: healthy dietary products, traditional TCM physical therapy products, beauty & health foods, vegetarian health foods,  affiliate health preservation projects,  health clubs, nursing home, health preservation culture tourism scenic spots, Tai Ji & qigong teaching, health preservation books & audio & videos, etc.;

    Sustenance & Health Care Products: ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps sinensis, ginseng antler, bird's nest, tin maple bucket, donkey-hide gelatin, herbal jelly, wolfberry, Chinese medicine medical slices, the Chinese health soup, confinement supplements, health protection tea, health protection wine, etc., beauty oral liquid, anti-aging products, breast enhancement and body building, slimming, medicated acne, prevent bask in detoxification, functional foods, dietary supplements, health supplements, vitamins, protein powder series, lecithin, cod liver oil, grape seed capsule, spirulina, etc.;

    Organic Foods— tea, wine(fruit wine) and health protection wine, natural bee products, edible mushrooms, selenium-rich food,  cereals, edible oil,  other nutritional health food, functional foods, medicated foods, health preservation food materials,  agricultural special products in all parts of China etc.;

    Family Care— family psychotherapeutic instruments, rehabilitation instruments, Magnetic therapy apparatus, multi-functional instruments, glucometer, hemopiezometer,  electronic thermometer, vision improvement equipment, sleeping improvement equipment, oral health supplies, adult health care appliances, family emergency treatment products, biofeedback equipment, healthy sleeping products;

    Respiratory Health—respiratory medical equipment, respiratory disease detection instrument, respiratory medicine, respiratory disease diagnose products, air purifier,  fresh air and clean, air purifying detection and management, smoking control product, electronic cigarette;

    Pension Rehabilitation Auxiliary—movement disorder assistive devices, hearing and vision assistive devices and equipment, wearable health devices, furniture and facilities suitable for the elderly, family testing, emergency and accident-prevention products,  special living appliance for incontinence care, medical institutions for pension and rehabilitation, building design institutions for the elderly.

    Famous Chinese Doctors Exhibition Zone

    Medical institutions and their priority specialty, academic genre and contemporary famous doctors, ethnic TCM doctors and folk TCM doctors, Characteristic TCM department in private hospitals: general hospitals, hospitals of TCM, hospital of TCM and western medicine, hospitals of ethnic medicine, special hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals; maternal and child care service centres; community health care centres, community health service stations;  township central hospital, township(town) health centres, street health centres; nursing home;  comprehensive outpatient department, specialty outpatient department, TCM outpatient department, TCM-WM outpatient department, ethnic medicine outpatient department; clinics, TCM clinics, ethnic medicine clinics, health centres, infirmary, health care centres, health stations, village health rooms(clinics); emergency centres, first-aid stations; clinical laboratory centres, specialty disease prevention and cure hospitals(centres/stations);  nursing home, nursing station; other diagnosis institutes.

    Chinese Famous Medicine Exhibition Zone

    Genuine medicinal materials and industry: production, processing and preparation of medicinal materials;

    Chinese medicine factory & Chinese patent medicine: development of Chinese medicine, medicinal slices;
    TCM development institutions: research institutes, research institutions;

    TCM extraction equipment:  extraction pot, condenser, cooler,  separator,  filter, Pneumatic slag door control system;

    TCM Health Tourism

    TCM Cultural Tourism: health farm villages, health herbal cuisine and dietary therapy lane, leisure health care sites, green organic fruits and vegetables tourism, TCM museums, TCM plantation etc.;
    TCM Health-living estates: long life theme style products, forest health products, light health products, flowers health products, Eco spa products, seasonal health products, folk-custom products;
    TCM Health Care Tourism and Vocation: holiday resorts, travel organizations, tourist administrations, travel agencies, travel operators, colleges of tourism, tourism financing institutions, pension theme park, travel sites, world heritages, natural conservation areas, scenic spots and historic sites, museums, cultural heritages, studio theme parks, ethnic tourism and revolutionary bases travel;
    TCM Market and Medicine Circulation: Chinese medicine factories and TCM hospitals, TCM materials trading markets, medicine industry gardens;
    TCM Health Care Tourism Products: outdoor travel equipment, special prescription, Chinese patent medicine and TCM materials etc.